Interface: GradientColorObject

Highcharts. GradientColorObject

Gradient options instead of a solid color.


// Linear gradient used as a color option
color: {
    linearGradient: { x1: 0, x2: 0, y1: 0, y2: 1 },
    stops: [
        [0, '#003399'], // start
        [0.5, '#ffffff'], // middle
        [1, '#3366AA'] // end


linearGradient :Highcharts.LinearGradientColorObject|undefined

Holds an object that defines the start position and the end position relative to the shape.


radialGradient :Highcharts.RadialGradientColorObject|undefined

Holds an object that defines the center position and the radius.


stops :Array.<Highcharts.GradientColorStopObject>

The first item in each tuple is the position in the gradient, where 0 is the start of the gradient and 1 is the end of the gradient. Multiple stops can be applied. The second item is the color for each stop. This color can also be given in the rgba format.