Interface: BorderRadiusOptionsObject

Highcharts. BorderRadiusOptionsObject

Detailed options for border radius.


radius :string|number

The border radius. A number signifies pixels. A percentage string, like for example 50%, signifies a relative size. For columns this is relative to the column width, for pies it is relative to the radius and the inner radius.

  • string | number

scope :string

The scope of the rounding for column charts. In a stacked column chart, the value point means each single point will get rounded corners. The value stack means the rounding will apply to the full stack, so that only points close to the top or bottom will receive rounding.

  • string

where :string

For column charts, where in the point or stack to apply rounding. The end value means only those corners at the point value will be rounded, leaving the corners at the base or threshold unrounded. This is the most intuitive behaviour. The all value means also the base will be rounded.

  • string
Default Value:
  • end