Class: KeyboardNavigationHandler

Highcharts. KeyboardNavigationHandler

new KeyboardNavigationHandler(chart, options)

Define a keyboard navigation handler for use with a Highcharts.AccessibilityComponent instance. This functions as an abstraction layer for keyboard navigation, and defines a map of keyCodes to handler functions.

Name Type Description
chart Highcharts.Chart

The chart this module should act on.

options object
Name Type Argument Description
keyCodeMap Array.<Array.<Number>, function()>

An array containing pairs of an array of keycodes, mapped to a handler function. When the keycode is received, the handler is called with the keycode as parameter.

init function <optional>

Function to run on initialization of module

validate function <optional>

Function to run to validate module. Should return false if module should not run, true otherwise. Receives chart as parameter.

terminate function <optional>

Function to run before moving to next/prev module. Receives moving direction as parameter: +1 for next, -1 for previous.

init function <optional>

Function to run on initialization of module

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