Class: AccessibilityComponent

Highcharts. AccessibilityComponent

new AccessibilityComponent()

The AccessibilityComponent base class, representing a part of the chart that has accessibility logic connected to it. This class can be inherited from to create a custom accessibility component for a chart.

A component:

  • Must call initBase after inheriting.
  • Can override any of the following functions: init(), destroy(), getKeyboardNavigation(), onChartUpdate().
  • Should take care to destroy added elements and unregister event handlers on destroy.
  • module:modules/accessibility
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  • module:modules/accessibility


<static> destroy()

Called when accessibility is disabled or chart is destroyed. Should call destroyBase to make sure events/elements added are removed.

<static> getKeyboardNavigation()

Get keyboard navigation handler for this component.


<static> init()

Initialize component.

<static> onChartRender()

Called on every chart render.

<static> onChartUpdate()

Called on updates to the chart, including options changes. Note that this is also called on first render of chart.