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Unit (in milliseconds) for the x axis distances used to compute the regression line parameters (slope & intercept) for every range. In Highcharts Stock the x axis values are always represented in milliseconds which may cause that distances between points are "big" integer numbers.

Highcharts Stock's linear regression algorithm (least squares method) will utilize these "big" integers for finding the slope and the intercept of the regression line for each period. In consequence, this value may be a very "small" decimal number that's hard to interpret by a human.

For instance: xAxisUnit equaled to 86400000 ms (1 day) forces the algorithm to treat 86400000 as 1 while computing the slope and the intercept. This may enhance the legibility of the indicator's values.

Default value is the closest distance between two data points.

In v9.0.2, the default value has been changed from undefined to null.