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These pages outline the chart configuration options, and the methods and properties of Highcharts objects.

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Specifies the method that is used to generate the connector path. Highcharts provides 3 built-in connector shapes: 'crookedLine' (default since v11), 'fixedOffset' and 'straight'.

Users can provide their own method by passing a function instead of a string. Three arguments are passed to the callback:

  • An object that holds the information about the coordinates of the label (x & y properties) and how the label is located in relation to the pie (alignment property). alignment can by one of the following: 'left' (pie on the left side of the data label), 'right' (pie on the right side of the data label) or 'center' (data label overlaps the pie).

  • An object that holds the information about the position of the connector. Its touchingSliceAt porperty tells the position of the place where the connector touches the slice.

  • Data label options

The function has to return an SVG path definition in array form (see the example).