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Possible values: "on", "between", number.

In a column chart, when pointPlacement is "on", the point will not create any padding of the X axis. In a polar column chart this means that the first column points directly north. If the pointPlacement is "between", the columns will be laid out between ticks. This is useful for example for visualising an amount between two points in time or in a certain sector of a polar chart.

Since Highcharts 3.0.2, the point placement can also be numeric, where 0 is on the axis value, -0.5 is between this value and the previous, and 0.5 is between this value and the next. Unlike the textual options, numeric point placement options won't affect axis padding.

Note that pointPlacement needs a pointRange to work. For column series this is computed, but for line-type series it needs to be set.

For the xrange series type and gantt charts, if the Y axis is a category axis, the pointPlacement applies to the Y axis rather than the (typically datetime) X axis.

Defaults to undefined in cartesian charts, "between" in polar charts.