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Musical pitch refers to how high or low notes are played.

By default it is mapped to y so low y values are played with a lower pitch, and high values are played with a higher pitch.

Pitch mapping has a few extra features compared to other audio parameters.

Firstly, it accepts not only number values, but also string values denoting note names. These are given in the form <note><octave>, for example "c6" or "F#2".

Secondly, it is possible to map pitch to an array of notes. In this case, the [gapBetweenNotes](#sonification.defaultInstrumentOptions.mapping.gapBetweenNotes) mapping determines the delay between these notes.

Thirdly, it is possible to define a musical scale to follow when mapping.

Can be set to a fixed value, an array, a prop to map to, a function, or a mapping object.