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Link the chart to an HTML element describing the contents of the chart.

It is always recommended to describe charts using visible text, to improve SEO as well as accessibility for users with disabilities. This option lets an HTML element with a description be linked to the chart, so that screen reader users can connect the two.

By setting this option to a string, Highcharts runs the string as an HTML selector query on the entire document. If there is only a single match, this element is linked to the chart. The content of the linked element will be included in the chart description for screen reader users.

By default, the chart looks for an adjacent sibling element with the highcharts-description class.

The feature can be disabled by setting the option to an empty string, or overridden by providing the accessibility.description option. Alternatively, the HTML element to link can be passed in directly as an HTML node.

If you need the description to be part of the exported image, consider using the caption feature.

If you need the description to be hidden visually, use the accessibility.description option.