Interface: SonifySeriesOptionsObject

Highcharts. SonifySeriesOptionsObject

Options for sonifying a series.


  • module:modules/sonification


dataExtremes :Highcharts.Dictionary.<Highcharts.RangeObject>|undefined

Optionally provide the minimum/maximum data values for the points. If this is not supplied, it is calculated from all points in the chart on demand. This option is supplied in the following format, as a map of point data properties to objects with min/max values:

    dataExtremes: {
        y: {
            min: 0,
            max: 100
        z: {
            min: -10,
            max: 10
        // Properties used and not provided are calculated on demand

duration :number

The duration for playing the points. Note that points might continue to play after the duration has passed, but no new points will start playing.

  • number

earcons :Array.<Highcharts.EarconConfiguration>|undefined

Earcons to add to the series.


instruments :Array.<Highcharts.PointInstrumentObject>

The instrument definitions for the points in this series.


onEnd :function|undefined

Callback after the series has played.

  • function | undefined

onPointEnd :function|undefined

Callback after a point has finished playing.

  • function | undefined

onPointStart :function|undefined

Callback before a point is played.

  • function | undefined

pointPlayTime :string|function

The axis to use for when to play the points. Can be a string with a data property (e.g. x), or a function. If it is a function, this function receives the point as argument, and should return a numeric value. The points with the lowest numeric values are then played first, and the time between points will be proportional to the distance between the numeric values.

  • string | function