Interface: PointSonifyOptionsObject

Highcharts. PointSonifyOptionsObject

Options for sonifying a point.


dataExtremes :object|undefined

Optionally provide the minimum/maximum values for the points. If this is not supplied, it is calculated from the points in the chart on demand. This option is supplied in the following format, as a map of point data properties to objects with min/max values:

     dataExtremes: {
         y: {
             min: 0,
             max: 100
         z: {
             min: -10,
             max: 10
         // Properties used and not provided are calculated on demand
  • object | undefined

instruments :Array.<Highcharts.PointInstrumentObject>

The instrument definitions for this point.


onEnd :function|undefined

Callback called when the sonification has finished.

  • function | undefined