Interface: DataLabelsFilterOptionsObject

Highcharts. DataLabelsFilterOptionsObject

A declarative filter to control of which data labels to display. The declarative filter is designed for use when callback functions are not available, like when the chart options require a pure JSON structure or for use with graphical editors. For programmatic control, use the formatter instead, and return undefined to disable a single data label.

  • 6.0.3
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filter: {
    property: 'percentage',
    operator: '>',
    value: 4


operator :Highcharts.DataLabelsFilterOperatorValue

The operator to compare by. Can be one of >, <, >=, <=, ==, and ===.


property :string

The point property to filter by. Point options are passed directly to properties, additionally there are y value, percentage and others listed under Highcharts.Point members.

  • string

value :number|null

The value to compare against.

  • number | null